August 9, 2010

Sacramento Wedding Flowers on a budget


Kind of drives me crazy when I read articles on how to save money on wedding flowers and the same advice is offered over and over: Buy flowers that are in season, do not schedule your wedding around Valentine’s Day or DIY your flowers.  While these are some suggestion on how you can save some money on your wedding flowers I have some ideas you may have never come across before.

All the flowers in these pictures were from a wedding I designed recently.  The bride only paid 1,300.00 for all of her flowers including tax and delivery!  I am going to share with you how she did it.

Designer’s choice: She gave me a color palette and let me choose the flowers.  I was able to go to the market and see what flowers looked most beautiful, full and the best buy in her color ranges and design her flowers from those choice flowers.

Statement ribbon: The bride had a black with white polka-dot theme going throughout her wedding.  I found this fabulous ribbon to add to the maids’ bouquets.  It really stretched the design and gave it a bit of something different.  Consider using a statement ribbon in a great plaid or stripe that incorporates the colors of your wedding.

Color is key: By using a bright color, in this case hot pink, we were able to get more impact, visually with less flowers than if we used all white or ivory flowers.

Alternative blooms:  The bride loved peonies.  Because her wedding was in August peonies were not available.  Garden roses would have been a great alternative to peonies but they were too expensive for her budget.  I suggested using gladiola blooms in the bride’s bouquet.  The gladiola blooms lent that ruffled apprearence and soft romantic look at a much lower price.  Be open to your floral designer’s suggestion for blooms that will be readily available and in your budget.

Spend it were it counts:  The bride did not skimp on the personal flowers.  Almost half of the budget went towards the personal flowers.  The personal flowers are going to be in all the group pictures and they will be the most remembered flowers of your event.  So make sure you spend the money on the personal flowers to get exactly what you envisioned.

Textural boutonnieres:  Because we used interesting and textural blooms in the boutonnieres rather than a more expensive flower the couple not only saved money but the guys had an original looking design on their lapels.

Luxe flower, simple design: Orchids are a more expensive flower but because we designed the corsages in a very simple way, just the bloom, bow and some greenery, the couple saved on labor costs making this corsage doable in their price range.

Simply effective:  The reception was held in the courtyard of The Firehouse restaurant in Old Sacramento, Ca.  The courtyard is lovely but could use some additional illumination on the guest tables.  By dressing up a simple pillar candle with a bit of ribbon and a pink crystal headed pin, adding a little bit of cracked gel ice in the hurricane and surrounding the candle set up in hot pink rose petals we were able to give the bride a very simple but nice centerpiece that added a bit of color and the glow of a candle to her guest tables.  Think about using candles for an inexpensive centerpiece design.

Add your personality:  Big fans of Day of the Dead skeletons, the bride and groom added a bit of humor, whimsy and their personalities when they placed this happy couple on the top of their wedding cake.  By adding touches of your hobbies, interests and lives into your event you will make your decor feel more personalized and well planned.

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Carissa Jones : 14:39 August 9, 2010
Very nice post! I'll be forwarding this off to my sister in law as soon as I finish this comment. Love love love the comment about adding the fun ribbon! I like to use the terms software and hardware to explain this concept. Software... flowers. Hardward... ribbons, fun colored funky vases, candles.
Wedding flowers : 09:15 March 15, 2011
Thank you for the post Shannon. I loved the pictures, and you gave great detail and explanation for each picture. I really loved the wedding flowers, and this theme. I even liked the skeletal bride and groom, really cool!

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