January 26, 2009

Hot candle finds


This would be amazing banked behind a wedding cake. You might need two of them to complete the look. Just twine some light greenery around the base and your cake table will be amazing!
They are 50% off at Illuminations!

Can’t you just imagine this votive chain strung around the door way of you reception site? Or maybe you could use them around a mirror or window. Easy but of so impactful! 50% off at Illuminations!

I adore these candle balls! I am imaging them set on top of a tall, clear cylinder vase as a centerpiece. The vase would be filled with water and submerged branches and/or flowers. Around the base of the centerpiece pillar and votive candles would flicker. I just may swoon.
You could also cluster these to hang over a bar or buffet table. Does your reception site have exposed beams? Perfect!
Wilson Vineyards brides- you know these are calling your name!
Illuminations has these babies in several sizes.

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