Brooch and Flower Bridal Bouquets, Sacramento, Ca

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Brooch bouquets are crazy hot right now.  I think it is the combo of vintage and sparkle that makes them so appealing.  My favorite way to design a brooch bridal bouquet is to incorporate flowers with the jewelry.  It is the best of both worlds!

This bouquet is actually a display bouquet at my office.  So I wanted it to last forever.  I used sola flowers (flowers made from the wood to the tapioca tree) and permeant botanicals when I designed the bouquet.  Thanks to Bethie B. of True Love Photo for the pictures.


This bouquet was made brooches accented with fresh orchid blossoms and was featured on the cover of Our Wedding Magazine.  Thanks to Bethie B. of True Love Photo

For this pretty cluster the bride actually collected all the brooches from beloved family members and provided them to me for use in her bouquet.

 For this bouquet our bride wanted her bouquet to just be highlighted with the brooches.  So I used mostly fresh flowers and added just a handful of clear rhinestone brooches. Thanks for Meagan from Kight Photographers for the images.

 Which is your brooch and flower bouquet is your favorite?

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